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   About Lady Margaret 

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"I love what I do. I would love to have the opportunity to cater your Special Event, Occasion or Celebration in the Victorian Tradition. We cater teas for twelve to two hundred! "
The Victorian Tea Society

We all desire to surround ourselves with friends who will share a wealth of warmth and creativity in a caring and individual style.  As members of the Victorian Tea Society, our lives are enriched by the knowledge and interests of others.  Our intent is to create social gatherings that will transport us back in time and cultivate the charms and graces that bring out the Victorian lady in us all.

We graciously welcome you to join us as we make memories while taking turns hosting Society socials and serving one another in kindness. 

A heart warming welcome and I look   forward to seeing you at tea!

Lady Margaret's business of bringing glamour, grace and the elegance of the Victorian era to life began with simple tea parties at home with friends.  The idea of enjoying a cup of tea and a cucumber sandwich on a warm, sunny afternoon was an experience that could be shared with many women.  Inspired by her love of a different time, Lady Margaret began to research traditions of etiquette and afternoon tea during the time of Queen Victoria's reign.  Discovering a rich history of tea and combining the knowledge with a deep love of fine Victorian dress, made Lady Margaret realize that a true tea party is never complete unless presented by a proper Victorian hostess.




Victorian Fancies & Tea Society

Phone: (775) 400-9627
Email: dptavener02@gmail.com